Thursday, August 26, 2010


School shopping with Olivia last weekend...
OK...I'm hopping on the "Currently..." train.  I like the idea of interviewing myself once and awhile.  Seems like a good status check (and a great idea for a scrapbook page...thanks Dares!!)

listening / "Raditude" (Weezer)...looking forward to their new album "Hurley" on Sept. 14th.
eating / Wonka Exceptionals Fruit Jellies - Goji Berry.  Yum!
drinking / water.  Wishing it was a margarita.  Thanks, Meg!!
wearing / yellow, black and green tee w/ these denim trousers.  Except I wish my bum looked like that in them :)
feeling / old.  Especially after snapping the above photo of Olivia.  She's looking so grown up -   I'm certain I didn't look that put together in 3rd grade!!
weather / getting chilly.  I'm not ready yet...
 / to read another Paul Auster book.  Invisible was amazing.  Thanks, NPR, for this suggestion.

needing / to scrap more.  It's been too long!!
thinking / about my mom a lot lately.  It'll be 19 years next Monday since she's been gone. 
enjoying / my new Droid X.  This phone rocks.  And I've only used it as a phone 4x since I got it...LOL!
wondering / what I won in the NY State Fair.  I entered two scrapbook pages and received notifications that both were "winners"...but nothing specific.  I guess I'll find out this weekend when we go to the Fair :)

Here are the pages I entered:

I applied for three more design teams...keeping my fingers crossed!!!  


Lisa Dorsey said...

Congratulations!!! Hope your prize is fabulous. Love the list too. Great way to document what is going on right now. May have to borrow that!

Tanya Tahir said...

Good luck, your work is awesome! These two pages ROCK!

Carina Flufftoffla said...

Those pages are just beautiful!

Deanna said...

Amy, I love the idea of doing a "Currently" post. May have to steal that idea if you don't mind. ;) Also, love your LOs! You've got great style!

ChelleM said...

Good luck at Scrapbook Nook. I like your pages!!