Monday, August 09, 2010

What I did with my weekend...

We had a lovely weekend here in the Harle household, I must say (even with a few hiccups)!!  We received a call early Friday morning from some good friends inquiring if the little Harles would like to spend the night.  An unexpected night alone???  Sign me up!!  Both girls were super excited as they haven't seen these friends in some time.  So, I packed up their bags and dropped them off after I got home from work.  I ran over to Wegmans to pick up some grass-fed beef to grill, grabbed a bottle of Plungerhead from Liquor City and headed home.  Fred finished up in the garden and we proceeded to make dinner - broccoli, tomato/cucumber/dill salad (all from the garden), grilled green beans, guacamole and the beef...yummy!!!  I really should have taken a picture of the spread - everything was delicious!!

Unfortunately, our neighbor's neglected pit bull decided she wanted to make her presence known and barked for kidding...FOUR straight hours.  We finally decided to call 911 (at the suggestion of another neighbor whose dog was attacked by said pit bull a few weeks ago.  Nina, the pit bull, broke her chain, jumped the fence and flattened their dog - a standard poodle - without even breaking a sweat.  Lovely.  Thankfully Delilah wasn't hurt.) and were trying to figure out Nina's owners address (that's not strange is it?  we don't know our neighbors address...) when Delilah's owner comes over and says they're on the phone w/ the police as is another neighbor.  So, they send two patrol cars (by now it's 9:00pm) and one of the neighbors and I give the officers the complete run down (needless to say they had a lot of information already from previous calls about this dog).  Of course, Nina's owner isn't home...but the officer goes to the door anyway.  He waits for about 1/2 hour then comes to our house and gives us the options: he can ticket the guy...$25 (nuisance charge, I guess) or we can talk to him about the dog.  We decide to talk to him - he's not a bad guy...a bit odd...we just wish he'd take better care of the dog.  Whew.  So much for a romantic dinner, huh??!!

Anyway...we headed inside and watched Year One on Netflix (via the Wii...we are LOVING this option. In fact, we're cancelling cable this week because of the variety of programs and movies it offers).  It's no wonder this movie was panned...but we found ourselves laughing at a lot of it :)

Saturday morning I packed my bags and headed to We B' Scrappin' for some much needed table time w/ Jen and Shelley.  It felt good to dedicate some time to scrapping even though I was there for 6.5 hours I only made two pages and one card :)  Then we went to CopperTop for dinner (holy huge portions!!).  I was battling a headache all day so I didn't stay for drinks but still had an amazing time and am already looking forward to our next crop!!!  Here's what I made:

both made with the StudioCalico June kit

made with the StudioCalico August kit...the color is a bit off here...looks like I should re-photograph this...
And...I just received some great news...I'm a finalist over at My Scrapbook Nook for their Design Team call.  I'm having a great time getting to know the fun group of ladies over there already.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Enjoy your day, friends!!!


Christa said...

Wow, what a weekend you had! Yikes!
Great projects-love that card!!
And congrats on the finalist list-I'll be crossing my fingers for both of us!

sherryc said...

Welcome to blog world AMY! Don't beat yourself up, just post a little once in a while and more than once a month! :)

ashjoy said...

Great page and cute card!

ellen s. said...

your night sounds nice minus the barking dog :(

and your projects are so fun...congrats on the finalst spot!