Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Inaugural Post

Allez Fred!!

Well, I'm finally jumping into the world of blogging...better late than never, I guess?!?!

We packed up the Harle Family Truckster and headed down to the Catskills this past weekend for the Tour of the Catskills. Fred only raced one of the three days (The Assault on Devil's Kitchen - sounds horrid doesn't it?) but placed THIRD on a very hard course. We are so proud of him!!!

We stayed at the home of one of Fred's very generous and gracious Ommegang teammates (Michael Wentland) and had a fantastic time. Mike's wife, Jen, was so fun and easy to hang out with. We really hit it off. Olivia and Ava loved getting to know Sophia, their six year old and also playing around with Isabelle, their 9 month old. Oh, how I miss that baby stage. She was soooooo adorable!!!

Olivia, Isabelle, Sophia and Ava

I'm looking forward to seeing the Wentland family in Cooperstown in October for the Ommegang CX event. Should be a fun time!!!

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Anonymous said...

We should get your Fred and my son Devin together. Devin is training for an ironman here in Syracuse in September. He is riding his bike from Tully where he lives to N.Syracuse where he works. They'd probably enjoy riding together !

I love your blog ! great job Amy!

Bon Bon