Thursday, August 05, 2010

A day on Lake Ontario...

The Harles, The Edsons and the LaTrays were invited by Olivia's kindergarten teacher (with whom we've become good friends) to travel up to her family's camp/house on Lake Ontario last week.  I took a half day from work, applied my motion sickness patch and off we went.  It only took us about an hour to get up to Sandy Pond but WOW did it feel like another world.  Even after having spent a glorious week on the ocean being at the Lake felt "right".  I grew up on Lake Erie so going up to Lake Ontario really made me feel comfortable.  I love the walk over the dunes to the water, the super soft, sandy beaches and the waves that, while quite vigorous, don't knock you over.  The water was a perfect temperature, too.  Olivia spent a majority of the time in the water along with Tracey and Riley.  The boys played games and ran around.  Even Ava kept herself occupied for most of the day/evening.  

We had some good drinks, some good conversation and some really good dinner right down at the beach.  Thanks to the Torrens and the Palins for showing us a wonderful time.  And for bringing me back to my childhood.

whew...I need to get my lens/camera cleaned!!
all the kids

the adults
Dunkin the doggy
 a beautiful end to a beautiful day
Tracey and Riley


ellen s. said...

these are so fun! and your dunkin is a sweeeeeetie :)

Lynn said...

ooooooo beautiful. sounds like a great time.

Cari Fennell said...

Awesome blog Amy!!!! Love your photos, and projects and everything!
xoxo CAri